We’re always happy to get photos of featuring the barn and Kelston Roundhill. Among collections available online

Some more pictures below:

Band and caller

Marick Baxter and ceilidh band – Kelston picnic 2016 (photo: Matt Prosser) 

Band on the hill

Marick and the band on the hill 2016 (photo: Matt Prosser)

Band on the holl closer Barn and picnic

Kelston Lammastide picnic 6 August 2016 (photo Matt Prosser) 


Wes calls the barn dance tunes 6 August 2016 (Matt Prosser) 

Flute & violin Framed barn

Picnic panorama 6 Aug 2016 (Matt Prosser) 

Malcolm and Clare

Mida and Hanna Lorna and Simon Mida and Hannah Starting up Walking up closer Walking up

Jason Allen view from Kelston Roundhill