Kelston Retreats: approach, themes & facilitators

The approach

Kelston Roundhill is a place for seekers and pilgrims. Curious humanists, the spiritual-but-not-religious and people of all faiths can all find a home here.

There is inspiration in the natural world, poetry, art, music and everyday life, as well as in traditional spiritual and religious practices.

Kelston Retreats have no specific religious affiliation – we’ll meet you where you are. Our approach is to offer practices you can engage with on your own terms. Bring your own beliefs and share what is meaningful to you.

We ask you to listen hospitably to your fellow retreatants and not to try to impose your views on others. We hope to foster compassion, curiosity, connection and creativity.

Retreat themes

Each retreat is unique, tailored to the needs of the group. Not quite sure what you’re looking for? Here are a few theme suggestions.

A clear day

On a clear day you can see for miles from the top of Kelston Roundhill. When did you last have a clear day in your diary? A day without busyness, pressure to be productive or responsibility for others. This retreat offers time, space and optional activities for seeking the expansiveness and clarity that can come with inner quiet and stillness.

Roots and branches

Trees speak to us of enduring strength and stability without rigidity: their branches are full of life and movement. Beneath the ground, the scale, sensitivity and connectedness of trees’ roots are amazing. What’s going on below the surface in your life? What grounds and nourishes you? Where do you find strength and integrity? How does this find expression in the cares and activities of your life? We’ll explore being and becoming in the company of trees.journeys, not least the Cotswold Way. At the same time, it’s part of a working farm where

Journeying and dwelling

As a distinctive local landmark with panoramic view, Kelston Roundhill is a waypoint on many Roman and prehistoric finds in the fields aren’t unusual. A place that has been cultivated and dwelt in for centuries. Where are you in life’s journey? Are you tending a home for your soul to dwell in?

Meet our facilitators

Kelston Retreats are led by experienced facilitators Katie Evans and Meredith Freeman.