Hiring FAQs

Does hiring include event management and planning services?

No, it’s a ‘dry hire’.

We do recommend specific caterers who are familiar with the venue and provide some event management; you then deal separately with them. We can also recommend other suppliers for services such as event management, styling, tents, waste management.

Can we arrange our own catering?

Of course, subject to a £500 surcharge. Our recommended caterers offer significant event management support and understand Old Barn operations and utilities (it’s off grid, powered by a generator and with private water supply). If you make your own catering arrangements experience shows we have to be ready to provide significant additional support.

How powerful is the generator? Should we hire a backup?

The diesel generator provides 9kva. There’s a small backup petrol generator sufficient to keep music and lights on which can run for 2-3 hours in an emergency. We are exploring renewables. We suggest you check your total electrical load for the event. If you want the additional security of a fullscale backup diesel generator we can recommend a trusted hire service familiar with the location.

Can we use our own marquee or different marquee company?

We require that all events use our recommended suppliers only for marquee hire. Gazebos (or other ‘non-anchored’ structures) are fine. Our suppliers are very familiar with grounds around the Barn and what works best within the available space. They can get unsupervised access to the site outside hire times.

What time do we have to turn off the music?

There is no specific ‘cut off’ time, but we ask that you be mindful of and respectful to nearby villagers.

Do you have a PA we can hire? What about a stage?

You can hire a high-spec PA from local business Kelston Records (cost £250). Craig at Kelston Records can also help with lighting and stage configuration.

Do you have tables & chairs?

We have six trestle tables, 12 benches and 48 stacking chairs.

Do we need to hire in toilets?

The barn has two toilets. If you need more we can help you hire in extra.

Can suppliers collect/deliver outside our contracted hire time?

Any equipment you bring or hire in must be delivered and removed from site within the contracted hire time. The only exception to this is our pre-approved suppliers (eg for marquees, toilet and waste hire) who are approved for unsupervised access to the site.

What about parking?

Event parking is in single file to the right of the track in Six Acres, the field just below the Barn. The top half of the strip has a plastic matting under the grass for improved wet weather access. Deliveries and mobility-impaired guests can just go right up to the barn.

What about rubbish?

The Barn does not have any council services. We therefore require that you remove all rubbish from the site and “leave no trace”.

We have four galvanised dustbins and recommend you bring boxes/bags for your additional waste/recycling so you can remove it at the end of your hire period.

It’s possible to hire in larger wheelie bins which are removed and emptied for you by a contractor. We have details.

Can we check-out later/earlier?

Yes; bespoke packages are available for an additional charge. Please contact us for more information.

Are fireworks allowed?

No. The Old Barn is situated on a working farm. Fireworks cause issues with wildlife, livestock and neighbours.

Can we bring our (very well behaved) dogs?

Sorry; no. Again, this is a working farm.

These policies (fireworks, dogs) are not adopted lightly; they are the result of experience.

Do I have to pay a deposit? When is the rest of the money due?

A non-refundable booking deposit secures your date. The rest is due two weeks before the hire period, along with a refundable deposit against damage or breakages. Contact us for details.

What about loo paper, towels, soap, washing up liquid?

Soap, washing up liquid and basic cleaning sprays are provided, also some toilet paper, tea-towels and hand towels (which can be left dirty in the barn; we will wash). For larger events it’s advisable to bring extra supplies.