This blog is about the 160 acre Kelston Roundhill, a working farm and prominent landmark between Bath and Bristol, and the renovated Old Barn which hosts events and is available for use.

Formerly known as Henstridge (hill of the stallions) Kelston Roundhill is owned by Kelston Tump LLP. It is farmed by our neighbours Park Farm who graze cattle on the land and make some of the world’s finest cheeses.

The partners have three aims for the land: to support financially sustainable farming; to increase natural diversity and deepening knowledge about it; and to support suitable amenity, education and leisure uses without harm or disruption.

We’re always happy to hear stories, photos, historical evidence or anything else that helps everyone understand why this land has been and continues to be important to people.

To contact us email kelstonroundhill@gmail.com. In case of urgent emergency, vandalism or criminal damage please call the police or emergency services.

To enquire about hiring the Old Barn click here. 

7 Responses to About/contact

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  3. Neil Baker says:

    Dear William, I sent you a text a few days ago but maybe you didn’t receive it. Please would it be okay for us to do our annual Saltford school Ascension Day walk on Friday 15th May? We would be arriving around 12 o’clock, having a short service, eating our packed lunches and then, after a short play time, leaving about 1.30pm. We would, of course, ensure that no litter was left on site.
    Hoping that will be okay,
    Neil Baker

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  5. Tania George says:

    Hello, I came to your wonderful venue on Saturday for Su Hart’s lovely harmonium which was beautiful but just wanted to let you know that certainly driving from Corsham the directions given on the website when you click on the link take you up on a farm track that looks certainly in the dark as if you cannot access the barn.
    I just thought it would be a good idea to update the website so that access is as you wrote in the email via Kelston.

    Luckily I was not on my own and was able to go through the gate and turn around to come back down the very rutted farm track which is on the other side of the Roundhill, it was a very scary moment.

    Very best wishes,

    Tania George

  6. williamheath says:

    Thanks Tania; we’ve had a couple of messages from neighbours who report lost punters also. Craig from Kelston Records has drafted some better instructions which we’ll put on the web site. Hope you test them out in 2018.

  7. Michael Powell says:


    A message for Mike who locked up today who was most helpful in helping us find lost house keys. We wanted him to know that we did find them in the clover field used for parking.

    Thanks for the wonderful venue which gave a memorable setting for the weekend.

    Mike Powell

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