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Kelston renewables prototype: review our draft planning application

Applying for planning permission is an amazing process – almost satisfying. If you want to see our draft planning application see this pdf – draft Kelston renewables planning application (pdf). Enjoy! If you have advice and suggestions – whether you’re … Continue reading

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Photo competition entry: a birds-eye view of the wind array prototype

The wind array in Barn Ground seen from 40m above. You can also see the temporary fence and green container with test and heat dispersal equipment. This drone photo taken by Jeremy looks a strong early contender for winning one … Continue reading

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Planning: does a renewables trial require an air quality assessment?

According to B&NES’s web site All major developments inside or adjacent to an AQMA (Air Quality Management Area) AQMA is a lovely acronym. But trialling a prototype wind array is hardly a “major development”. Kelston Roundhill, with its stiff fresh … Continue reading

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Remembering a special event last summer: the concert for aural diversity

Just came across a bunch more photos of a particular highlight of last year – Prof Andrew Hugill’s “concert for aural diversity” composed and performed entirely by musicians with a diverse range of hearing conditions. It’s great to reflect on … Continue reading

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More new trees; call for volunteers

Dan Spencer writes: There’s a small new hazel plantation in Barrow’s Stile, with a rather larger new mixed hedge to go in shortly. Together that brings the number of new trees planted on Kelston Roundhill in recent years to around … Continue reading

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Rising above the mist for a health and happiness summit

How can Kelston Roundhill, Roundhill Barn and its natural surroundings best support health, learning, happiness and restoration of nature? That’s the question a dozen of us met to consider on a chilly and quite extraordinarily beautiful 21 January. Roundhill Barn … Continue reading

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The joy of planning: submit a photo; win a cheese!

Can seeking planning permission be fun? Can you crowdsource a planning application? Here’s hoping. We’re doing a DIY planning application for the renewables prototype. Now we’re inviting photographs of the prototype wind array with comments and offering award-winning and world … Continue reading

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