Kelston Roundhill is a working farm, partly open to walkers. It has a wild and unkempt quality you would not expect in a municipal park or the grounds of a hotel. This entails a broad risk of possible risks about which visitors must exercise common sense.

For example there are

Physical risks:

  • falls from uneven ground
  • falling branches
  • trip hazards
  • barbed wire, gates

Allergic reactions:

  • nettles, brambles, other plants
  • ticks, wasps, other insect bites


  • farm livestock: cows, sheep
  • wild animals

The barn is off grid. The private water supply and electrical services are regularly serviced and checked but there is the possibility of contamination or electrical or mechanical malfunction.

While there is no right of way past the Old Barn the possibility of people walking past without permission cannot be ruled out. Kelston Clump has permissive paths which are open to walkers. Dogs are not encouraged but there is the risk of inadequately controlled dogs.

Farm workers may drive past as a normal part of their farm work.

Risk assessments

Please feel free to reuse and recycle these sample risk assessments. If you have more please share.

Task risk assessment – ‘Kelston Round Hill 2016 (wildflower meadows day, by Avon Wildlife Trust)

Kelston Barn gig RA (Three Cane Whale gig with meal, by Jonny Barden)