Risks and responsibilities

Visitors are requested to abide by the Countryside Code at all times and to “leave no trace”. Kelston Roundhill is a working farm, partly open to walkers. It has a wild and unkempt quality you would not expect in a municipal park or the grounds of a hotel. This entails a broad range of possible risks about which visitors must exercise common sense, and inform themselves if they are responsible for others.

For example there are

Physical risks:

  • falls from uneven ground
  • falling branches
  • trip hazards
  • barbed wire, gates

The ground may have badger holes or ruts from vehicles. While experts undertake maintenance on the trees in Kelston clump, Abbots Copse and next to Roundhill Barn, trees elsewhere on the farm are left to grow and decay naturally. Note there are many ash trees and the risk that ash dieback can make ash trees brittle and unstable. Trip hazards might include fencing, farm equipment and materials, unauthorised litter and vegetation.

Allergic reactions:

  • nettles, brambles, other plants
  • ticks, wasps, other insect bites

As well as working farm Kelston Roundhill has wilding fields and woodland. Visitors need to inform themselves about hazardous, irritant or poisonous plants and funghi, and to supervise those they may be responsible for, notably children, accordingly. Visitors must make their own arrangements for avoiding or managing insect bites or stings. You are advised to check for deer ticks and other ticks which are increasingly common after your visit.


  • farm livestock: cows, sheep
  • wild animals

Visitors must be aware they may encounter farm animals including cows and sheep, and also wild animals such as badgers, fox, rabbit, hare, pheasant.

Off grid utilities; implications:

The barn is off grid.

Water: The private water supply is regularly serviced and checked but there is the possibility of contamination. Council guidance is that the water should be used only when the electricity supply is switched on and electrically powered ultra-violet purification is active. If you are vulnerable or concerned about this you are advised to bring your own bottled drinking water to the site.

Electricity: the 240V electricity supply comes from a single diesel generator. This consumes fossil fuels, makes noise and emits fumes so we request and recommend keeping use to the minimum necessary.

The generator is regularly serviced and in regular use for the farm water supply, but it is a machine of a certain age and Kelston Tump LLP is not in a position to guarantee that it will always work. In the event it fails during an event there is a backup petrol generator and switchover arrangement for emergency short term use (eg up to 2-3 hours’ operation). Note it is dangerous to refuel the backup petrol generator while the engine is hot.

There is also a camping battery in Roundhill Barn with USB outlets suitable for mobile phones.

If event organisers absolutely depend on the availability of 240v electricity supply for the success of their event they are advised to make their own backup supply arrangements (eg hire a standby generator). We advise that perishable foods are kept refrigerated off site until needed, especially in hot weather, to avoid running the diesel generator overnight and for long periods simply to power refrigeration.

We cannot guarantee to restore a 240v electricity supply in the event of generator failure. It may take two working days.

Passing walkers, vehicles

While there is no right of way past the Roundhill Barn the possibility of people walking past without permission cannot be ruled out. Kelston Clump has permissive paths which are open to walkers. Dogs are discouraged but there is the risk of inadequately controlled dogs.

Farm workers and contractors may drive past in vehicles of all sizes as a normal part of their farm work.

Risk assessments

Please feel free to reuse and recycle these sample risk assessments. If you have more please share.

Task risk assessment – ‘Kelston Round Hill 2016 (wildflower meadows day, by Avon Wildlife Trust)

Kelston Barn gig RA (Three Cane Whale gig with meal, by Jonny Barden)