Bath skyline sunset pic by Andrew

Top photo by Andrew Stevens

A gorgeous sunset over last night from Bath Skyline Walk

And another cracker below. Want to join Tim’s Kelston Flickr group?

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AWT gets out the Batmeters at Kelston

See this below from recent AWT bat survey.

Our plan is to work with Bath Spa University and reach out to schools and to get a series of conservation projects going. First of all we need to get a clearer grasp of the range of plant and wildlife on the site.

The survey last Thursday was the best I’ve been on for wildlife for some time – several Serotine bats were foraging around the ash tree and we also recorded common pipistrelle, noctule, brown long-eared and lesser horseshoe either commuting or foraging over the site. There was a little owl perched in the western gable end, which seems to be a regular visitor looking at the evidence in the main barn too. I think it probably roosts and may even have nested this year in the wall itself (accessible from the alcove in the western gable).

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Sonnet for Wordsworth (who *must* have passed this way) – by Jon Hamp

Life will fight to affirm itself, and new life will exist,
Bees wrestle mortality from the reddening hedgerows,
as sun escapes from downland rain to leave the stream banks kissed.
Jealous admirals run up flags where carmine Hawthorn grows,

Middle age wears the ancient steps to dream of summers past
Dead poets mute and grieving gather in the porch,
And old tides shift out beneath us, running hard and fast,
First frosts call out from Brecon, a fractured winter torch.

Still there is a hope beside these broken walls,
Faith requires sustenance as summer’s embrace fades,
Here now, where Autumn shadows find their early place to fall,

Thoughts of darkening evening light threaten and invade.
Faith is found in shifting cloud shape, old poetic form,
Faith is here where butterfly wing gives shelter from the storm.

by Jon Hamp

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Full moon rising over Kelston Clump – by Tim

Full moon rising over Kelston Roundhill

Photo by Tim Graham, 16 August 2016

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AWT goes out to bat for bats

We know we’ve got bats. We had a AWT bat report from Old Barn Kelston to protect bats during the barn preservation work. We applied for a Bat Mitigation licence under the CONSERVATION OF HABITATS AND SPECIES REGULATIONS 2010. The reference was WML-A13-1. The licence was granted, and verily its number is 2014-2807-EPS-MIT, valid until October 2019.

But we don’t yet really *know* our bats.

Now there’s a set of new resources from Avon Wildlife Trust which might help. We already built bat boxes to house bats. The wildflowers and weeds help support the insects they need. And as and when we do ponds it seems that will help more. But we’re going to need time and expertise to get our heads around this.

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Sunny Lammastide picnic up at the Old Barn

Kelston picnic 2016

Thanks to Matt Prosser for pictures of the 2016 Lammastide picnic up at the Old Barn, Kelston.

We were blessed with perfect weather. There was a massive rounders game in Barrows Style. We danced to Marick’s ceilidh band to celebrate the cutting of the hay (thanks to Wes for calling).

Thanks to everyone who came, who brought fab picnics, organised stuff and cleared everything up afterwards.

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Pre-picnic pic from Matt Prosser

20160804-IMG_3748-Pano-1 Title (HD)

Classic Roundhill panoramic pic from Matt. You can meet the man himself at the Kelston picnic from 1230 Saturday 6 August. Bring picnic and dancing shoes (ceilidh from 1400). No dogs plz.

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