Poetry day in memory of Rowena Hall: Sat 27 April

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Bathscape project consults its advisory group

The Bathscape advisory group sharing ideas about how best to preserve and enhance the landscape surrounding the city in a meeting held at Bath CC.

The Bathscape project is great forum to meet across disciplines, overcome suspicion and misunderstandings. Kelston Roundhill lies within the Bathscape area. The project promises a range of benefits including improved grasslands and flower-rich meadows, 30 assessed and managed view points, greater numbers of volunteers and visitors and a walking festival.

Our input to the meeting: first do no harm. Let’s not municipalise our rural countryside. Let’s include the sacred dimension, art and storytelling. Also we must work hard towards diversity (see pic above #QED).

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New bench cut into fallen ash

Mary and William test out the new bench cut today by Richard (c)

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Listen up! Kelston Roundhill provides stage to host first aural diversity concert

Kelston Records is putting on the first Concert for Aural Diversity (6 July at the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill).

A concert for aural diversity entails music specially composed and performed for people with different states of hearing, including various stages of deafness.

Andrew Hugill talks about Menieres disease, deafness and work for aural diversity in a short film made by GN Resound.

It’s a project by the composer Andrew Hugill, recently of Bath Spa University. Prof Hugill himself suffers from deafness and other symptoms associated with Meniere’s disease. The programme is supported by the specialist Danish hearing aid supplier GN Resound.

We look forward to welcoming composer, musicians and guests to this important event, and look forward to helping make it a beautiful and memorable occasion.

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Cutting and laying to renew the Old Barn hedge

Our neighbour Gerald did some beautiful cutting and laying over the holiday period. Thisnis mainly ash, so may well be susceptible to dieback and may not last. So we plan to check out the sales with a view to underplanting with some more hedge shrubs.

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Drawn Back – a new poem by Jon Hamp

Drawn Back

It is not dug with pick and spade
something buried,
not man made.

Something older,
something still,
rooted hard there, under hill.

A murmur
made to draw us back
footfall soft on winter track.

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Special weather for the working party up at the Old Barn today

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