This photo merits a caption competition…


What a pleasure to get this extraordinarily dramatic image sent in by photographer Pete Souster, who reports he took it from a little dirt track just off Lansdown Lane. My big sister calls this natural light effect “and God spake”.

But there are some filters in use here, surely…Pete: reveal all! Thanks. And all photographers and photography welcome anytime.

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4 Responses to This photo merits a caption competition…

  1. Pete Souster says:

    Thanks William.

    I call this photo “Heavenly Trees”.

    The story starts with me having recently moved to Bath, driving around trying to find somewhere to take a sunset shot from. I stumbled across this little track of Lansdown Lane after parking up and noticed that the sunrays were shining through on the trees. It was just a case of walking further down the track until the rays were shining down exactly at the angle I wanted.

    As for the techy stuff, I shot this using a Nikon D5100 mounted on a tripod. I used a graduated ND filter to really bring out the colour and contrast of the sky and leave the fields looking as they were on the day. I had to crop it in post processing to get the right composition as I only had an 18-55mm lens with me on the day and in the end I was very happy with the result.

    • Klaus Boecker says:

      Dear Pete, Extremely powerful image! Well spotted & captured. Thanks very much for sharing. What shutter speed did you set? Best regards from Qatar, Klaus

  2. or “Close encounters with the Clump”

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