Picnic and ceilidh at the old barn

20150801-IMG_8322-1 Kelston Picnic


Photo: Matt Prosser

We’ve been working on the old barn for a year to make it secure, give it a floor, loos showers and a food prep space. The idea is you can open up the space for workshop, bunkhouse type use, then close it up again and it’s a shuttered rural barn. We’d like to see it used for schools, NGOs, appropriate small businesses, family and friends.

Today we had a picnic and barn dance in the refurbished space, then watched the sun go down with friends from Bath, Germany and Australia.  We had new ideas for what needs doing and what to use it for; if you’ve got more ideas or needs get in touch.

Next steps: returning to rural feeling after the disruption of the works; sorting out energy so it works off grid with little or no use of the diesel generator.


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2 Responses to Picnic and ceilidh at the old barn

  1. yardfox says:

    It looks great. Have passed it over the last few years, wondering what was happening- now I know. Great idea.

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