On controlling dogs on farmland

There’s a timely warning from West Yorks Police on an issue that affects us and neighbouring farms:

It has come to our attention that there has been several incidents recently of livestock worrying and destruction of livestock in farmer’s fields in the Bingley area.

West Yorkshire Police would like to inform the public of their personal responsibilities of making sure your beloved pet is always under appropriate control when it comes to walking your furry friend over agricultural land. 

Some agricultural land have designated public bridleways running through them. This means that even though there is public access, you are restricted to adhere to the bridleway and not the use of the entire field.

Under the laws contrary to section 1 of the Dogs Act 1953 (Protection of Livestock), you are liable to prosecution if your dog is worrying livestock and you are not in proper control of your dog.

Worrying livestock means :- attacking livestock or chasing livestock in such a way that it may reasonably be expected to cause injury or suffering.

Livestock means :- sheep, cows, goats, horses and poultry.

Sheep and cows are timid creatures who only have a simple existence, to eat grass, breed further animals and rear them in peace.

Please could we remind all dog walkers who enjoy these rural routes to make sure that when walking through agricultural land with your pet, please keep the dog on its lead.

Dogs running wildly around in a field of sheep and cattle worries these animals.

Please be aware that a farmer does have the fundamental right to protect their livestock as they are a business (Animals Act 1971).

Well put. What’s true in Bingley is true in Bath. I’ve seen many episodes of ill-controlled dogs on the Roundhill and nearby farms. Farmers generally like dogs and don’t want to shoot them. But I’m aware of three local episodes where very local farmers have shot dogs dead. One had seriously injured a sheep. One would not stop attacking a cow (sic). One incident was decades ago, but still significant because the rancour it caused persists to this day. Control your dogs people.


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  1. One man and his dog says:

    Fpr example of the sorts of problems that can occur see eg https://twitter.com/1manandhisdogs/status/863859357196439552. (note – distressing images)

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