Bath Spa and the UK’s first centre for environmental humanities

Bath is now home to the UK’s first Centre of environmental humanities. It’s part of Bath Spa University’s strategic vision to become the UK’s pre-eminent University for the liberal arts. Bath Spa is already active in a new global grouping of like-minded institutions.

Government and the chattering classes go on about STEM but liberal arts are key. STEM alone won’t ensure our survival. Environmental humanities covers the history, philosophy and culture of our ecology and how we understand it. One precursor is the work on spirit of place of our dear neighbour Martin Palmer at the Alliance of Religion and Conservation

2016-03-28 12.31.01

Profs Kate Rigby & Owain Jones enjoy a sharp sou-westerly on Kelston Roundhill. 

So it was delightful and appropriate to be able welcome Bath Spa’s two Professors of Environmental Humanities Kate Rigby and Owain Jones to Kelston Roundhill on Monday, just as Storm Katie was brewing up a full blast.

Kate has just arrived from Melbourne to lead the Centre and help develop an associated Masters programme (see press release).

Owain is thoroughly local, with links to family farming and a deep knowledge of the local landscape, initiatives and cultural institutions. For more info see his blogs Environmental HumanitiesTidal Cultures and Sonic Severn.

See Owain’s photos from the visit on Flickr.

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