Tim’s new “Kelston Roundhill” Flickr group

Tim Graham has started a new Kelston Roundhill Flickr group with a dozen terrific images. He writes

Kelston Roundhill is one of my favourite places & I’ve been somewhat of an amateur photographer for the last 2 years so I’ve tried to combine my passions.  Thought it would be good if you could make others aware of the group so they can add to it…I’ve seen the photos on your website. They’re great & certainly give me inspiration.


Well worth joining if can bear going through Yahoo/Flickr’s intrusive and clunky account sign-up procedure. Funny to think it might all be part of the Daily Mail soon.


Sunrise over Kelston Roundhill

Sunrise over Kelston Roundhill

So…do we reproduce more of Tim’s images here? Or point other photographers towards Tim’s Flickr group? What a Web 2.0 dilemna. But keep them coming! We’re surely headed toward some sort of “collected photos and poems of Kelston Roundhill” here.

Storm over Kelston

Storm over Kelston

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2 Responses to Tim’s new “Kelston Roundhill” Flickr group

  1. Matt Prosser says:

    Great photos Tim. I shall join the flickr group right away. As for posting on the blog why not cherry pick the best for specific blog pages and periodically point to the flickr group for a catch-up now and again.

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