Environmental humanities workshop in the Old Barn

Bath Spa’s brand new centre for environmental humanities held its kick-off workshop in the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill yesterday. Led by Prof Kate Rigby, it’s the first such centre in the UK.

They’re a distinguished and diverse group of academics: geographers, writers, philosophers, poets, educators and more. Some people shared a keen sense of loss of long-associated landscapes – a depopulated island, an eroded coastline, a compulsorily developed farm.

They’re fun to hang out with: they’re interested in everything – reptiles, politics, capitalism, planning, theology – they take photos, like good food and bake cakes. We sat around on pallets, talked a lot, walked up the hill, warmed food on the wood-burner. At midday the group invited in Graham Padfield, founder of the Bath Soft Cheese company who provided delicious cheese for lunch.

2016-05-09 13.01.03Graham Padfield tells the assembled academics about the laborious tasks involved in running a dairy farm.

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