No palace, no gold – by Jon Hamp


Photo: Tim Graham        

Lay me down gently,
Lay me down slow,
Lay me down here
By the late fire’s glow.

Lay me down softly
and ease my sight,
down to the river
This one last night.

I brought you no victories
Though you made me your King.
Now small talk of triumph
Seems a meaningless thing.

No conquests,
No concubines,
No palace, no gold.
Just this hill and these fields,
Just this night and this cold
that comes up from the waters
far off to the west.

So lay me down softly
At the hill’s gentle crest.

Jon Hamp
May 2016

With thanks to Martin Palmer whose research prompted thought about those buried, long ago,  on or near the hill.

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5 Responses to No palace, no gold – by Jon Hamp

  1. Anna says:

    Thank you Jon for a really atmospheric poem x love that hill x

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  3. Pamela Kember says:

    I just encounterd Jon reading from a recording of his poem, No Palace No Gold, on Radio 3. A wonderfully poweful voice and deeply touching words that linger long in your thoughts.

  4. williamheath says:

    Say!! Which programme? Is there a link?

    btw CD & downloads of Jon Hamp reading his Kelston trilogy live with Three Cane Whale available from Kelston Records (also the mega music stores iTunes, Google, Amazon etc)

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