AWT goes out to bat for bats

We know we’ve got bats. We had a AWT bat report from Old Barn Kelston to protect bats during the barn preservation work. We applied for a Bat Mitigation licence under the CONSERVATION OF HABITATS AND SPECIES REGULATIONS 2010. The reference was WML-A13-1. The licence was granted, and verily its number is 2014-2807-EPS-MIT, valid until October 2019.

But we don’t yet really *know* our bats.

Now there’s a set of new resources from Avon Wildlife Trust which might help. We already built bat boxes to house bats. The wildflowers and weeds help support the insects they need. And as and when we do ponds it seems that will help more. But we’re going to need time and expertise to get our heads around this.

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