Inward green (for Ivor Gurney)

by Jon Hamp

That copse I know from the ridge to the north
A last late Cotswold fold
That gentle valley,
The laughing stream,
That fence of twisted gold.

Still, I know a landscape torn apart
Strewn with blood and hurt.
I know a thousand words
For pain
Yet dirt is always dirt.

The bees may hum,
The  berries ripe,
All worldly grief at stay.
But wire sharp in sinew taut
from Somme to Cotswold way.

There’s background on the Cotswold poet and composer Ivor Gurney here. For a samples of his music see eg A Gloucestershire Rhapsody, Severn Meadows and more. Much of his work remains unrecorded.

Meanwhile Kelston Records‘ first CD, Thee Cane Whale live at the Old Barn, launches 3 Oct 2016 at the Green Note club in Camden, includes two tracks inspired by Ivor Gurney. It also features Jon Hamp’s first Kelston trilogy.

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