“Walking into Words” Bathscape writing workshop with Sue Boyle

Today Tessa Strickland and Sue Boyle organised a “Walking into Words” writing workshop up at the Old Barn. It was part of B&NES’ trial Heritage Lottery funded “Bathscape” programme to celebrate the landscape around the World Heritage City. The writing workshop was designed to bring a cultural dimension to the Bathscape Walking Festival.

A very diverse group of 20 people came, supplemented by three passing walkers who were invited in to join us. We first developed our own words based on the landscape and where we were, and heard a series of inspiring poems. We walked in the landscape, then worked in groups of four to develop a shared piece about the landscape. This seemed to work extraordinarily well.

In our group some had alrady fluently expressed a range of metaphors and images; others expressed deep and powerful feelings the landscape had evoked, concerned with being detached from sacred land, suffering bereavement or the slave trade legacy.

It was a moving and beautiful occasion, wonderfully organised and executed. Thanks to Sue, Tessa and all who made its happen. Sue is just accumulating and working over the words from the day; some of that will be published here in due course.

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