Welcome walkers! Leave no trace…

See below (click “Continue reading”) for basic guidance for visitors:

  • Countryside code applies
  • Please take litter home
  • No fires or camping
  • Dogs cause regular problems on this land
    • dogs MUST be on lead at all times
    • clean up after your dog
    • out of control dogs may be shot (has happened locally; no-one likes it)
  • No horses or bicycles

Parking – park on the street in Weston if you come up the Cotswold Way, or you’ll be Ok to use the Old Crown car park in Kelston if you buy a pint and ask them – come up Cullimore’s Lane.

To the bereaved – it’s OK to scatter ashes. Please do not leave anything non-biodegradable. Click “More” below.

For permissions for other activities contact kelstonroundhill@gmail.com

For the bereaved:

It’s quickly apparent that Kelston Roundhill is a special place for many people, and a powerful place for memories, reflection and healing.

It’s fine to scatter ashes on Kelston Roundhill. It’s Ok to plant trees (by prior arrangement). With memorials or tributes please ensure they are biodegradable. Please avoid the following: plastic wrappings or ribbons; anything non-biodegradable.

We’re happy for people to book the Old Barn for memorials and wakes: email kelstonroundhill@gmail.com.

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