Welcome walkers! Leave no trace…

Please ensure you are familiar with and abide by the Countryside Code at all times.

  • Please take litter home
  • No fires or camping
  • Dogs cause regular problems on this land
    • dogs MUST be on lead at all times
    • clean up after your dog
    • out of control dogs may be shot (has happened locally; no-one likes it)
  • No horses or bicycles

Parking – park on the street in Weston if you come up the Cotswold Way, or you’ll be Ok to use the Old Crown car park in Kelston if you buy a pint and ask them – come up Cullimore’s Lane.

Special note for the bereaved – it’s OK to scatter ashes. Please do not leave anything non-biodegradable. It’s quickly apparent that Kelston Roundhill is a special place for many people, and a powerful place for memories, reflection and healing.

It’s Ok to plant trees (by prior arrangement). With memorials or tributes please ensure they are biodegradable.

Please avoid the following: plastic wrappings or ribbons; anything non-biodegradable. We reserve the right to remove anything non-biodegradable (it’s not a rubbish tip) or inappropriate (it’s not a garden either)

We’re happy for people to book the Old Barn for memorials and wakes: email kelstonroundhill@gmail.com.

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