Images of Kelston Roundhill by Rachel Wilcox

Kelston Roundhill Autumnal Glow: etching by Rachel Wilcox.

We came across this striking image of Kelston Roundhill online, and contacted the artist Rachel Wilcox. We were pleased to hear back from her, telling us her work and how she sees the landscape:

The image of Kelston Roundhill Autumnal glow is a large sized etching that I made last year in October measuring 50×50 cm.

I have lived nearby the hill in Upton Cheyney for many years so I am fortunate to see and visit it during the differing seasons of the year.

For me it is a dominant part of my local landscape and it shows many different characteristics throughout the year and time of day and night.

In the winter it is a backdrop for bright silver moons and dark skies. In the autumn it glows in low sunsets which inspired this image .

Its surrounding hillside provides me with wonderful textures to draw – especially from the north side where new woodland has been planted.

From this racecourse access side you can also see the hill with its relationship with other hills …I am particularly thinking of Stantonbury Hill which you can view beyond Kelston Roundhill.
They seem to have some mystical connection!

Kelston Roundhill Winter: etching with aquatint by Rachel Wilcox.

Rachel also sent this second image, printed in black to emphasise the hills’ distinctive nature in winter, and writes:

I continue to be fascinated by this Roundhill and will continue to make further works around it.

Rachel’s prints are for sale: her web site is here. She prints by hand on a etching press at Bath Artist Printmakers workshop in Larkhall Bath where she is a co director. She can also offer greetings cards of the black image for sale.

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2 Responses to Images of Kelston Roundhill by Rachel Wilcox

  1. sueboylepoetry says:

    Both these etchings are stunning. What a wonderful thing to have an artist of such huge talent celebrating our loved landscape.

  2. barleybooks says:

    What marvellous images!

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