Bathscape project consults its advisory group

The Bathscape advisory group sharing ideas about how best to preserve and enhance the landscape surrounding the city in a meeting held at Bath CC.

The Bathscape project is great forum to meet across disciplines, overcome suspicion and misunderstandings. Kelston Roundhill lies within the Bathscape area. The project promises a range of benefits including improved grasslands and flower-rich meadows, 30 assessed and managed view points, greater numbers of volunteers and visitors and a walking festival.

Our input to the meeting: first do no harm. Let’s not municipalise our rural countryside. Let’s include the sacred dimension, art and storytelling. Also we must work hard towards diversity (see pic above #QED).

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2 Responses to Bathscape project consults its advisory group

  1. the fortunate voyager says:

    I hope someone is querying whether the landscape really needs the gross viewpoint ‘banners’ of the kind which have appeared recently on Beechen Cliff and in Alexandra Park. Who is deciding how other people should see and ‘read’ this wonderful landscape? Must the instruction be so reductive and banal? No sense of the ‘sacred dimension’ up here! Could you fight for something better, please?

  2. williamheath says:

    Completely agree. That is really the sole reason I went: no municipalisation, regulations, information banners.

    Do you have a photo of the banners in question?

    Have to say I went with very low expectations to the session, and happy to say they were comfortably exceeded. There’s a good crew of sincere people working on this. But the faith dimension does seem to have dropped out. I’ll write and ask about that.

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