Supreme champion UK & Ireland for 2019: Bath Soft Cheese, from Kelston

Top quality milk? That would be my Mum. One of the Park Farm calves comes to check out a charity away day at the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill (photo: Bath Quakers).

We’re delighted to hear that Bath Soft Cheese, made by hand in Kelston, was this month declared supreme champion in the 2019 UK & Ireland Artisan Cheese Awards. It also won Gold in the ‘Organic’ category, judged against more than 400 cheeses from across the British Isles.

The results were announced in May the annual Artisan Cheese Fair in Melton Mowbray, Leics. As the Great Food Club blog puts it: 

Bath Soft Cheese Company’s award-winning organic cheese is made by hand at Park Farm, Kelston near Bath, with milk from its own cows. The Bath Soft Cheese is soft and yielding with a white, bloomy rind. Once cut, it reveals an ivory-coloured interior. The flavour is mushroomy and creamy with a hint of lemons. This cheese dates back to the time of Admiral Lord Nelson who, in 1801, is believed to have been sent some by his father as a gift. It was recorded that Nelson’s sweetheart was ‘gratified’ by the flavour of this cheese.

It’s yet another massive achievement by the modest and remarkably successful Padfield family – Graham, who started the cheesemaking business, and his son Hugh who now runs it – and their exceptional cheesemaking team. Bath Blue, from the same company, was voted Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards five years ago.

Kelston Roundhill’s modest participation in this success story is that the Park Farm cows sometimes come up to graze on our land (though it has to be said that Park Farm’s own meadows down by the River Avon are more extensive and rather lusher).

Follow the sign from the top of Kelston Roundhill to find your way down Cullimore’s Lane to the Park Farm cheese shop and cafe.

As well as several cheeses, the Park Farm cheese shop offers milkshakes, fresh milk from an automatic dispenser. It’s constantly improving and experimenting with new products.

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