Unprecedented concert by and for deaf and hearing-impaired music lovers at Kelston

On 5 July Kelston Roundhill hosted the first ever concert for aural diversity.

Conceived and presented by the composer Andrew Hugill (who himself suffers hearing loss and tinnitus) the concert was performed by musicians themselves in various stages and types of hearing loss.

The audience that came to hear the groundbreaking event were as aurally diverse as the performance. All present were profoundly moved; one man reported this was the first music that had ever stimulated his inner ear.

The needs of a hearing impaired audience were met in a variety of ways including sign language interpretation, haptic feedback through vibrating floors (shown above) and silent disco headphones and silent applause and cutlery. The event was supported by ReSound Audio, makers of specialist hearing aids which have proven particularly helpful to musicians suffering hearing loss.

Hard-working Craig who puts on the Kelston Records events takes a rare moment of relaxation during the set.

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