Celebration Earth plan: let’s join in!

This embyonic CelebrationEarth sounds like our sort of plan: an inclusive multi-faith celebration of life and nature.

First aired on BBCR4 in January, it’s yet another brainchild of Martin Palmer, whose charity ARC was for many years based in Kelston (at Kelston Park, which the owners now hope to make into a hotel). At this stage it’s an invitation to community groups, bigger organisations and individuals to work together, form new networks and new partnerships to help bring about change on personal, local and national levels.

This year comes to a head with a celebration event at St Albans Sept 18-20. From their web site:

2020 looks like it will be an exceptional year of action for the environment. As we face the current environmental problems, it is easy to lose sight of the wonder and joy of living on this planet. It is good to remind ourselves of environmental successes, however small or local they seem and of the beauty that surrounds us. The CelebrationEarth! project believes that we work most strongly to protect the things we love and therefore celebrate and that if we approach environmental work with hope and joy we can work more creatively and optimistically than if we approach it with anger and despair.

Can I get an Amen to that? Well, yes indeed. T0 be part of it we could all pack up and go to St Albans for the weekend, which is not at all a bad idea. Or we could work with them to do our own Celebration Earth event right here on Kelston Roundhill.

We’ll contact the organisers, see what the possibilities are and try to work out what’s best. Glad of any comments and suggestions. Meanwhile hold the date: 19 Sept 2020 (equinox weekend).

Earth and nature: there’s so much to celebrate (photo: CelebrationEarth)


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