Prototype wind array disassembled for assessment

The prototype wind array on Kelston Roundhill suffered damage in storm Ciara during the night of 9/10 Feb. The array was taken down over a few hours on 10 Feb.

Engineers are now assessing the damage and conducting an investigation. The suspected cause is a specific modified component in the Kelston trial array, not used in other prototype installations which came through the storm unscathed.

While the engineers assess this and learn any lessons Kelston Tump LLP has advised B&NES planning authorities that we will suspend the planning application process which was scheduled for submission for this week, and for which supporting information is published on our web site.

We remain committed to a renewable future for farming and other activities on Kelston Roundhill. We look forward to resuming our trials with wind technology as soon as possible, hoping to add solar trials as well.

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