Two Kelston Roundhill poems to mark Winter Solstice 2021 – by Jon Hamp

Winters lighthouse keeper

There should be a lighthouse here.
Here, high upon this hill
It’s arm would hold us steady
and guard the western wall.

& it’s great light sweeps the stars from white horse manes,
esplayed on Eastern hills

and turns to fracture
snow on beacons
West,  beyond the deeper waters.

Keynsham and Salford from Roundhill Barn, 21 Dec 2021

Solstice City Blue

A cold pearl in the oyster
the grey shell in the pearl –
So, let the city’s nighttime flag
dissemble and unfurl.

Slowly, silent through the dark;
move shimmering Emerald planes.
Diamond cars hiss softly
of sleeping sapphire trains.

Jewels of winter colour, scatter –
strewn across the charcoal sheet
out to where the hope of Spring –
our broken blues and yellows meet

And all these toys beneath us
(Once on front room carpets)
lay Winter at our feet.

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