Spring, and the lettings season restarts for Roundhill Barn

Spring and beautiful weather has seen increased visits to Kelston Clump. The Roundhill Barn is again available for short-term hire: see dedicated web site here. Apologies if the lettings team has been hard to contact for some weeks: we had admin and staff issues (all now happily resolved).

This weekend two lucky 16-year-olds had a memorable birthday weekend of sunlight and moonlight with dozens of friends. Adult supervision was kept at a safe distance with the elegant solution of a 1967 Airstream Trail Wind from Nick at Glamstreams: all mod cons in a classic aero-engineering aesthetic.

Heating, shower, loo, cooker, super-comfy double beds; LED lighting and USB power throughout. The refurbished and modernised classic Airstream from Glamstreams is the business.
Who says 16 year olds aren’t responsible? Roundhill Barn beautifully cleared up by young people after an intense evening of exuberant celebration.

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