See a Land Rover – and the Roundhill – in a new light

The classic Land Rover restoration people at Arkonik have put the results of their Roundhill photoshoot on line – take a look.

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Building materials for proposed new storage space

We need more storage space by the barn. We could use a recycled container, we could do a shed. But the right material is local stone cleared off the land.

A kind neighbour has offered to help us out with some; here Les checks it out (in front of some spectacular mistletoe).

Let’s hope this works out; it’s full of ammonites.

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Day 9: levelling nearly done

Balmy October weather continues, with a soft mist across the south west that lingered all morning. Gerald deploys his smaller digger (we broke the big one). Hayley and Harry spent the morning planting out snowdrops and English bluebells, Antonio strimmed and cut and cleared. Daisies looking happy, as if they’d been there for years. Apparently there’s a also photo of me preparing a watery cowpat & compost mixture to stimulate lichens and mosses (see below)

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Pigspurtsdottir: live at the Old Barn Fri 19 Oct (not 13th)

Heads up Ken Campbell fans: the metamorphosis of the Old Barn from redundant agricultural building to unique place serving a special social and cultural purpose takes a big step forward this Friday 19 Oct.

Daisy Cambell is coming to the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill.

Ken Campbell’s one-man shows at Bath Fringe were the stuff of legend. Now Daisy Campbell brings her one-woman show Pigspurt’s Daughter (judged “Hidden Gem” of the Brighton Fringe) out west, to Kelston and to the Old Barn.

Local refreshments provided. Tickets via Komedia. No time to waste. Book some tickets and get your wellies on for this one I reckon. We’ll light the woodburners and lay in refreshments (cash bar).

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Day 7 part 2: Gerald gets serious about levelling

Gerald’s delicate touch with the big digger.

He has a refined technique of removing the topsoil, levelling the clay underneath then replacing topsoil.

We want to get grass sown soon while it’s still faintly warm and wet.

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Working party day 7: full levelling prep (with a side serving of Land Rover photos)

Gerald dug a hole for the tree in about 90 seconds before getting on to the serious business of levelling. 

Meanwhile this Land Rover, beautifully restored by Arkonik showed up for a photo shoot

Wait till you see the proper photos done for Arkonik by Weston-born pro photographer James.

Opening the view and creating a possible second stage area above the south wall.

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Working party 6: getting down to the heavy lifting

Hayley, Harry and Lorna set out plans and assess the need for some heavy lifting.

Hawthorn down. Now we’re really opening up the view to the south.

Help comes over the hill in the form of Gerald and his big digger.

Gerald makes quick work of the pile of big wood. Tomorrow: earth-moving.

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