“Walking into Words” Bathscape writing workshop with Sue Boyle

Today Tessa Strickland and Sue Boyle organised a “Walking into Words” writing workshop up at the Old Barn. It was part of B&NES’ trial Heritage Lottery funded “Bathscape” programme to celebrate the landscape around the World Heritage City. The writing workshop was designed to bring a cultural dimension to the Bathscape Walking Festival.

A very diverse group of 20 people came, supplemented by three passing walkers who were invited in to join us. We first developed our own words based on the landscape and where we were, and heard a series of inspiring poems. We walked in the landscape, then worked in groups of four to develop a shared piece about the landscape. This seemed to work extraordinarily well.

In our group some had alrady fluently expressed a range of metaphors and images; others expressed deep and powerful feelings the landscape had evoked, concerned with being detached from sacred land, suffering bereavement or the slave trade legacy.

It was a moving and beautiful occasion, wonderfully organised and executed. Thanks to Sue, Tessa and all who made its happen. Sue is just accumulating and working over the words from the day; some of that will be published here in due course.

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Barrow’s Style: the overgrown hedgerow

Many years of benign neglect have made the hedgerow in Barrow’s Style fascinating. Cut and laid hedge has grown to the size of mature trees; saplings have knotted themselves into each other. Ivy thicker than a young tree has merged with its host. Here are some pictures from the north east corner taken today.

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Kelston Roundhill from Saltford, by Rick Crowley

From pictures of Saltford by Rick Crowley,  via Pictures of England


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Seen from Ashton Court, Bristol

Kelston Round Hill.

Roundhill from Ashton Court Deer Park, Bristol. Credit – the excellent Amy’s Antics account on Flickr. (Can’t  comment without logging into vile Verizon-owned Yahoo!)

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Bathscape project: walking into words

This is not to be missed. A writing workshop at the Old Barn led by Sue Boyle, organised by the inimitable Tessa Strickland as part of the Bathscape project:

Looking for the right words to catch the real feeling of a place is often a way of learning to see it for the first time. This creative writing workshop will encourage you to take pleasure in turning our landscape and cityscape into words and in sharing what you write.

Based at Kelston Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill, take your inspiration from the views and the surrounding countryside, or else use the workshop time to reflect on aspects of the Bath landscape you already know and love.  Whether or not you’ve ever written anything before, Bath writer, Sue Boyle will guide and support you.

Sunday 17 Sept from 1330. More info at the Bathscape web site. 

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Upcoming music events in Kelston

See Kelston Records for details of three terrific upcoming music events – two at the Old Barn 15 July and 5 Aug, and one down at the foot of the hill in the village 28 August.

Here’s the location: to be filled with music Sat 15 July and Sat 5 August (June 2017 photo by passing balloonist Darwin Peltan)


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Cotswold AONB “save our magnificent meadows” day with WASP schoolchildren

Highly enthusiastic Year3 and year 4 pupils from Weston All Saints Primary did a day of wildflower identification, bug-hunting and art class with the Cotswold AONB team

Pupils from our closest school Weston All-Saints Primary (WASP) spent a happy morning with Richie and Ellie from the Cotswold AONB. In a fresh breeze that blew away the heatwave of the previous four days they did wildflower identification, bug hunting and art exercises in Roundhill field. They then had picnic lunch around the clump, and walked back to school the way they had come, down the Coltswold Way.

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