Guidelines for faith groups using Kelston Roundhill

Kelston clump on 1 June 2019, the start of Pride Month.

One way or another Kelston Roundhill has always been and will always be a sacred spot. We’re not aware of any records surviving from Celtic or Roman times, but in recent years we’ve welcomed CofE groups for awaydays and evensong, Quaker days of quiet, school Ascension Day assemblies, Buddhist monks and Rastafari.

They come either informally as walkers on the hill, or by invitation and booking in advance for awaydays, worship and memorial events in the Old Barn.

Pilgrims are always welcome. And it’s a perfect location for private reflection of all sorts.

But we must remind visitors to seek permission in advance for any proposed group event. That isn’t simply as a matter of courtesy; bear in mind this is a working farm on private land.

We’re very open to hosting multi-faith and interfaith events. But the Old Barn project has a certain ethos with which fundamentalism, evangelism or missionary zeal are not compatible.

And – as for each and every visitor – leave no trace.

Pride Month banners provided by Bath Quaker Wren Sidhe.

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Bard of Bath summer solstice celebration on Kelston Roundhill

Poems, stories, picnics and a Barn Dance on Fri 21 June

This year’s Bard of Bath – Conor Whelan – is organising a summer solstice celebration on Kelston Roundhill. Poems, stories, barn dance/ceilidgh. Bring a picnic if you want, or food may be available if numbers warrant it. Cash bar.

Tickets £8 available from Komedia box office (click here, call them on Bath 489070 or drop in in person and save the booking fee).

The Bard of Bath invite. Photo by Matt Prosser


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Supreme champion UK & Ireland for 2019: Bath Soft Cheese, from Kelston

Top quality milk? That would be my Mum. One of the Park Farm calves comes to check out a charity away day at the Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill (photo: Bath Quakers).

We’re delighted to hear that Bath Soft Cheese, made by hand in Kelston, was this month declared supreme champion in the 2019 UK & Ireland Artisan Cheese Awards. It also won Gold in the ‘Organic’ category, judged against more than 400 cheeses from across the British Isles.

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Mid May on Kelston Roundhill

The Old Barn recovers after a wedding weekend.

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Ploggers always welcome!

Another superb eco trend from Sweden (reports Reuters). Plocka (to pick up, eg litter) plus jogging makes plogging.

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Poetry day in memory of Rowena Hall: Sat 27 April

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Bathscape project consults its advisory group

The Bathscape advisory group sharing ideas about how best to preserve and enhance the landscape surrounding the city in a meeting held at Bath CC.

The Bathscape project is great forum to meet across disciplines, overcome suspicion and misunderstandings. Kelston Roundhill lies within the Bathscape area. The project promises a range of benefits including improved grasslands and flower-rich meadows, 30 assessed and managed view points, greater numbers of volunteers and visitors and a walking festival.

Our input to the meeting: first do no harm. Let’s not municipalise our rural countryside. Let’s include the sacred dimension, art and storytelling. Also we must work hard towards diversity (see pic above #QED).

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