Late November – poem by Jon Hamp

Dark to the north
and out on the flats,
Dark as ravens asleep with bats,
Dark as the bottom of church cellar mats,
Dark to the north
and dark on the flats.

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Kelston Roundhill as seen on superb new 3D Geology of Britain service

A 3D rendering of the geology of Kelston Roundhill towards Bristol, showing the Avon on the left and Lansdown escarpment (yellow, right).

The British Geological Survey has a superb new “Geology of Britain” service offering 3D visualisation of the geology of the UK. The index is here -just type in a location and use the maps. It’s still a trial so they respond to feedback.

From directly above showing Kelston (centre) and Bath to Solsbury Hill (bottom right).

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Kelston Winter Hurt – new poem by Jon Hamp

Kelston winter hurt

Branch back
Earth black
Colour in dirt.

Broken light
Fence wire tight
Life inert.

Light cuts
Wind shuts
Winter hurt.

Words and photo by Jon Hamp.

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The Old Barn’s first theatre show: the final performance of Pigspurt’s Daughter

We’re no theatre critics but this was a great and memorable evening: beautifully constructed, really funny, and forcing us to think differently with different language, ideas and examples.

Thank you for the writing and the performance Daisy Campbell, also for keeping alive the memory of her ever present (and indeed nearly-exhumed) Dad Ken, who will never be forgotten by his Bath fringe and many other devoted fans.

Daisy Campbell performs her one-woman show Pigspurt’s Daughter at the Old Barn.


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See a Land Rover – and the Roundhill – in a new light

The classic Land Rover restoration people at Arkonik have put the results of their Roundhill photoshoot on line – take a look.

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Building materials for proposed new storage space

We need more storage space by the barn. We could use a recycled container, we could do a shed. But the right material is local stone cleared off the land.

A kind neighbour has offered to help us out with some; here Les checks it out (in front of some spectacular mistletoe).

Let’s hope this works out; it’s full of ammonites.

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Day 9: levelling nearly done

Balmy October weather continues, with a soft mist across the south west that lingered all morning. Gerald deploys his smaller digger (we broke the big one). Hayley and Harry spent the morning planting out snowdrops and English bluebells, Antonio strimmed and cut and cleared. Daisies looking happy, as if they’d been there for years. Apparently there’s a also photo of me preparing a watery cowpat & compost mixture to stimulate lichens and mosses (see below)

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