Kelston and the apparent origin of the phrase “I’m going to the john”

A lively Kelston village hall AGM heard from Graham Padfield about the history of the village, with special focus on the more than colourful Elisabethan figure John Harington. See rough transcript below (map courtesy BathinTime)

John Harington’s estate at Kelwoston

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Storm damage – one beech down

Storm damage - one beech down

“It’s just weather” is what Graham from Park Farm often says. But walking up the Roundhill on Friday evening felt apocalyptic, with rain driven in by a gale from the south west. One medium sized beech tree is down in Abbotts’ Copse.

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Picnic last summer Aug 2013

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Propitious date and time: Tuesday 15 April 2014 at 20:32

Here’s a heads-up for photographers who love Kelston Roundhill. Matt Prosser writes in to say

on Tuesday 15 April 2014 the full moon will rise East-South-East at 20:34, some 30 minutes after sunset.  If the sky is clear it should offer a great opportunity to capture the Kelston Roundhill clump of trees as a silhouette in a full moon.

His evidence is drawn from a crafty app called The Photographer’s Ephemeris, described as a map-centric sun and moon calculator to help plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light. Anyway, here’s the background to moment Matt has identified:

kelston ephemeris

He further recommends

A long shot with a long lens is essential to reduce the size of the trees and maximise the size of the moon. I’m thinking about going to Avon Lane by the sewage farm for the shot.

One feels the makers of Stonehenge, the pyramids, Macchu Pichu and any other astronomomically-oriented ancient artefacts would feel entirely in sync with any photographers found gathered by a sewage farm shortly after dusk on 15 April this year, hoping for a clear night. Good luck!


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Preparation for restoring and new planting on the clump

In preparation for new planting in the iconic clump we’ve erected a temporary deer fence to protect the new trees. It will be supported by a park railing for longer-term protection.

The trees (up to 250 of them) are being contributed and planted by a wonderful group called the The Conservation Volunteers. It’s an exposed site, with south westerly wind ripping through. With some vandalism, and sheep and deer wandering through at will there’s no undergrowth for protection and no self-seeded new growth. So the new planting will need protection.

Thanks to Paul and Gerard Robinson for a great job putting up the fence. Their sheep graze the Roundhill, and produce excellent Bath organic lamb: highly recommended.

2014-02-01 11.51.10

2014-02-01 11.49.48

2014-02-01 11.51.58We’ve included a gate to get access to the clump for clearing and planting. If you would like access (eg to visit some memorial inside the ow fenced off clump) please contact us by email or call the managing agents Strutt & Co.

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What a difference a couple of months makes…

29 Sept 2013

30 Nov 2013Thanks to Phil Avery, whom I bumped into on the Clump last November, for these. He writes:

I found by coincidence that the last photos I had taken were from exactly 2 months earlier in the same location. I picked out a couple here which show the stark seasonal change over those 2 months

It then took me another two months to upload them (owing to a trivial frustration with WordPress, before I found a workaround) – a case of nature moving rather faster than Internet speed.

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Epic photo from Matt in Keynsham

IMG_8698 Fixed (small) Kelston Roundhill RainbowMatt Prosser, who lives in Keynsham, has sent in this photo:

it’s the first thing I look at as I leave the house each morning. I took this shot looking through a rainbow from my bedroom window

He also suggests making our contact email easier to find which seems an excellent idea: it’s

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