Distant Kelston Roundhill from Bath Skyline – Matt Somerville

Pinched this lovely pic from the new Twitter account of Matt Somerville, conservation architect from FCB who worked on the Feilden Barn concept in Yorkshire and advised us on how to use the old barn.

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Crazy big sky over Kelson Roundhill Sat 28 June 2014

Big sky over KelstonToday (Sat 28 June 2014; Wimbledon, Glastonbury etc) was a great sky day of sun and rain. Matt captured this view of Kelston Roundhill.

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Significance of the May full moon

IMG_6480 Fixed (small)

Mat writes:

Did you know…

The full moon in May is a special event for any Buddhist for it was while meditating under a tree during the May full moon that Siddhartha Gautama achieved enlightenment and became Bhuddha (the enlightened one) some 2500 years ago.

I took a photo of the May full moon over the Kelston Clump last night and I was certainly felt the significance of this celebrated event.

I am particularly pleased with this photo as it is a single exposure and not a composite of two shots like my previous moonshot. While I found myself out of position I like the composition, especially the farmhouse and sheep in the fields.

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Windy stroll in May – two from Matt

Matt took a weekend stroll up the Roundhill  and sent in these.

Really windy up top; exhilarating. Anyway, I took a range of photos. Here is the pick of the bunch. Great sky and spring growth make for an irresistible combination.

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The Klump: as seen from Mountain View CA

2014-05-08 11.23.36Ok: here’s my entry for photo taken from furthest away. The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California has a multi-screen Google Earth display. It has a single control which lets you zoom with speed and ease round the world with results displayed acrosss five large screens. So here’s Kelston Roundhill as seen from 5300 miles away, photographed on my camera. More below.

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Good morning: view from Matt’s bedroom window

IMG_3883 Fixed (small)

Words fail me.

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Storm over Kelston Clump – Matt

IMG_5833 Fixed MattProsser (small)

Matt writes:

I took an opportunistic shot of the clump yesterday when I got home from work. Beautiful stormy clouds over the hill bathed in evening sunshine.

I took the shot from my bathroom window looking over the rooftops of the houses opposite.

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