Saltford CofE primary school show up for their annual Ascension Day visit

Here’s a nice surprise during our ecologists visit today: out of the blue what seemed like the entire local primary school swarmed up the hill. While Duncan from Emorsgate, Eleanor from Avon Wildlife and our Friend the visiting UCL ecology professor David were enlightening Alex George Clare Aliya and me about vetchling, horny ragwort, saliburnette and common spotted orchids (all munched by sheep) I’d guess we had 60-80 years 3-5 letting rip with lunchtime games and frolics (all most responsibly supervised of course).

Neil from Saltford CoFE Primary School tells me they do it every year on Ascension Day. OK ok, it means we need to make the trees safe, fence off the Clump during replanting etc. But what a lovely tradition, bringing a magic extra touch to a really valuable day.

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