Welcome to the new bees

The ecological engine room has been restored at Kelston Roundhill. We’ve accommodated bees there for 18 months but after the winter one colony died out and the other was queenless and weak. Worse still, the unfortunate beekeeper had developed an allergy to bee stings and “decided to hang up his smokers” (as a fellow apiarist put it).

Happy to report that the local beekeeping scene is quite lively and we’re now accommodating two new colonies. They looked pretty busy today. Looking forward to sampling the next batch of honey, packed with local antihistamines.

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1 Response to Welcome to the new bees

  1. Christina says:

    Ooh lovely bees! This could be the start of a bee-ootiful friendship 😉
    Seriously, any new beekeeping activities are much to be encouraged in light of the current colony disasters which seem to be spreading in the UK as well as the US and elsewhere now. Are organophosphates to blame? Will post more bee news here as and when. Bravo for the new bees and long may they flourish here.

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