Seen from the school run April 24 2014

2014-04-24 15.44.11Here’s a view I took of the Clump from the afternoon school run on my phone. There’s a fantastic row of beech trees at Kingswood School looking our across Primrose Farm. The Klump is often such an unmistakeable and stark image; I like the way here it peeks through here even when the picture is all about the near blossom, and the strong bough of the beech tree tries to frame it and contain it. Rather expecting a “keep practising the composition” message from our panel of judges (which is shaping up to be pretty fab by the way).

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1 Response to Seen from the school run April 24 2014

  1. paulclarke says:

    Good thinking on the composition, and excellent for a phone. If only phones had a better zoom (or zoom simulation) as I’d love to see a bit of telephoto compression bring the hill forwards a bit more. I bet it looked very striking with the naked eye.

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