Storm over Kelston Clump – Matt

IMG_5833 Fixed MattProsser (small)

Matt writes:

I took an opportunistic shot of the clump yesterday when I got home from work. Beautiful stormy clouds over the hill bathed in evening sunshine.

I took the shot from my bathroom window looking over the rooftops of the houses opposite.

Speaks for itself. Received by the editor lying awake in a San Francisco hotel at 2am. And I’ve discovered you can publish pictures to WordPress by just dragging them from the downloads list on Mac OSX. Everyone probably knew that already. Could save a lot of time if more pictures come in.



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2 Responses to Storm over Kelston Clump – Matt

  1. paulclarke says:

    The true definition of ‘lurid’. Amazing. Top 3 for me.

  2. Agree, love Storm over Kelston Clump. Has the winner been announced? I’ve been away…

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