Significance of the May full moon


IMG_6480 Fixed (small)

Mat writes:

Did you know…

The full moon in May is a special event for any Buddhist for it was while meditating under a tree during the May full moon that Siddhartha Gautama achieved enlightenment and became Bhuddha (the enlightened one) some 2500 years ago.

I took a photo of the May full moon over the Kelston Clump last night and I was certainly felt the significance of this celebrated event.

I am particularly pleased with this photo as it is a single exposure and not a composite of two shots like my previous moonshot. While I found myself out of position I like the composition, especially the farmhouse and sheep in the fields.



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5 Responses to Significance of the May full moon

  1. William says:

    The more I look at this the more I cant figure why the farmhouse is bathed in light. Is that an accident of the setting sun from behind you (west)? Or is it a special effect (in which case I feel a bit naive and maybe swizzed)? I cant believe they have floodlights that do that.

    • Matt Prosser says:

      The levels on the image have been tweaked to balance out contrast but there’s no funny business with photoshop here. The light on the farmhouse is the remnants of the setting sun behind me plus some spill from the farmhouse lights due to the longish exposure.

  2. paulclarke says:

    Quite possibly the winner for me. Lovely lines, superb composition, and hits the brief perfectly.

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