Klump-related work-in-progress from Bonnie’s MFA arts project at Bath Spa

all kelston and prospect SS & SR kelston1

Bonnie writes:

In exploring the physical process of walking, my work maps the emotional process that is inseparable from the physical. Important elements of the emotional process within these solitary walks allow us to:  reconnect us with ourselves and the present, gain perspective, and draw our attention to the sublime within the landscape. How can I explore this existential nature of walking through art?

Are some elements more important than others and can one be explored without alluding to another? Can a successful work be made from sections of the walks rather than the whole walk? Why those sections and what is it about those sections that is important to the work?

I am interested in works that look at the contemplative nature of being in and moving through the landscape, works that show how perspective can alter what we perceive.

I work predominantly with photography and audio to document my walks, recording the landscape and soundscape around me, showing the movement of walking through sequential photography rather than film. I record the entirety of each walk, on multiple occasions, selecting sections from the walks to exhibit as visual or audio works. I believe the honesty of documentation to reflect the honesty of the experience. I work methodically with my documentation, e.g. taking a photo every set number of steps. I undertake walks that cover specific times of day (e.g. an hour before to an hour after sunrise) that whilst documenting the route also capture the changing light.

kelston4 kelston4a kelston10 kelston13 kelston14

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