Bath Blue confirmed as “best cheese in the world”…nourished by Kelston Roundhill

The Bath Soft Cheese company just had its Bath Blue named best cheese in the world – supreme champion – at the 2014 World Cheese Awards – story here. It’s an astonishing achievement, judged by an international panel against 2600 other cheeses from round the world.

Bath Blue: officially the best cheese in the world

We like to claim the cheese is nourished by Kelston Roundhill and there’s some truth in that because the Padfield’s organic cows graze the lower slopes. In reality rather more of the grazing is done on their own farm next door which is fertile low-lying pasture and more than twice the size. And of course in renting the Kelston Roundhill land to expand their successful business they do all the hard work of farming and maintenance to make the most of its modest productive value.

So we can’t really take any of the credit for this jaw-dropping achievement. But we could not be more chuffed for Graham, Hugh and the whole team. Congratulations!

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