Visualisation of species interaction on a Somerset Farm

This is pretty cool: a team including Michael Pocock from CES in Oxfordshire has mapped and visualised species interactions, based on data from Norwood Farm in Somerset.

See the publication in Science


Species’ interaction networks at Norwood Farm, Somerset, UK. The entire network of networks is shown at top left (in which each circle represents one species), and quantitative visualizations are shown for each of the seven quantified individual networks (in which each block is a species, and the width of blocks of each color represents relative abundance). Details of the networks are given in table S1 and (14). Dark green and light green circles and blocks indicate noncrop and crop plants, respectively, whereas other colors indicate animal groups. Scale bars indicate the abundance of animal taxa. Plants are scaled in proportion to their interactions.

From: The Robustness and Restoration of a Network of Ecological Networks by Michael J. O. Pocock, Darren M. Evans, Jane Memmott

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