View of Bath (artist unknown, c 1820) from Jane Austen exhibition

IMG_20150816_150550(rather poor photo by me, with permission. Where’s Matt Prosser when you need him??)

This view of Bath skyline form the south west shows the clump was already prominent in 1820. The print appears in the current Jane Austen exhibition at Victoria Art Gallery. The text the curators chose to acccompany it it from Northanger Abbey:

‘”For six weeks I allow Bath is pleasant enough, but beyond that it is the most tiresome place in the world.”

You would be told so by people of all descriptions, who come regularly every winter, lengthen their six weeks into ten or twelve, and go away at last because they can afford to stay no longer.’

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2 Responses to View of Bath (artist unknown, c 1820) from Jane Austen exhibition

  1. Matt Prosser says:

    I wouldn’t mind betting that the artist was at Prior Park for this painting. Built by Ralph Allen for himself (1742) on a hill overlooking the city, “To see all Bath, and for all Bath to see”. A check on Google Maps suggests that this was the location. I’ll see if I can get a modern update of the view sometime.

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