Bath Preservation Trust kicks off 2017 with a team outing on Kelston Roundhill

Bath Preservation Trust was set up to in the 1930s to save historic Bath from being cut in half by a new road. Now the Trust safeguards the historic character and amenities of the town with planning advice and education. It also owns and runs four local museums: 1 Royal Crescent, Herschel Museum, the Museum of Bath Architecture and our neighbour across the valley Beckford’s Tower.

It’s a small, independent charity with a huge workload, so we were delighted when they chose to kick off 2017 with a day off and a team visit to Kelston Roundhill including lunch in the Old Barn.

Fireside strategic team talk for the Bath Preservation Trust.

They help many owners and managers around Bath, us included. They supported the protection of the Clump with a grant towards fencing, and are integral to much that goes on in the local built environment and landscape, including the successful Bathscape bid.

On a crystal clear day the team had a bracing and spectacular walk from Beckford’s Tower, coffee and a fireside chat at the Old Barn, followed by lunch before heading back to the Tower across the valley via Prospect Style.


The team heads up the hill back to work protecting Bath’s heritage in 2017 and beyond.

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