Responses from Kelston wind array trial consultation

Thanks to the 66 people who responded to our wind array trial consultation. The five charts show aggregate responses, with 23 comments below:

The results show overall people are overwhelmingly supportive of “green” sustainable and renewable energy generally. And 85% support both wind and solar, with 65% also in favour of hydro and tidal.

As for seeing a trial on Kelston Roundhill – which is a visually sensitive location in the green bekt and the AONB – 75% of respondents come out in favour (61% strongly so) and 20% are opposed (17% strongly so).

Of 52 who said they favoured the idea 90% said it was because zero carbon in the future and around 40% each because it feels right and because they want to support British startups. Of the 24 who objected the main reasons were that it was visually disruptive (90%), ugly (46%) and 21% thought it was a risk to wildlife.

Additional comments verbatim below:

I’m afraid I don’t entirely know what a wind array looks like, so have assumed it means white turbines. (I’ve Googled and am still not sure). If it’s less obtrusive then I’d be more comfortable with something being installed on the hill.
A Matt finish would make the array less reflective and therefore less visible
Slight concern that the new array is designed to be less obtrusive than a normal tower and will produce less power than a conventional turbine might have.
Green technologies are the way forward and i support them. But, this location is very visible and is in a place which many local residents feel strongly about, it is much loved. While the current array is not overly intrusive, and can be attractive when it reflects the light, it is certainly modern and in contrast to a bronze age burial mound. While this is currently OK, anything more intrusive IN THIS SPECIFIC LOCATION would not be acceptable (I am 100% of wind/solar and would happily welcome them except in locations – including Saltford where I live – of outstanding natural/historic beauty such as this one).
I do find it a bit visually disruptive as right in my sight line from the sofa, however content now I know what it is. I wouldn’t like to see a whole field of them though. Also various people have commented on possible risks to people with epilepsy who have seizures triggered by flashing lights.
I don’t think many people in South Gloucesteshire, just over the border, have any idea this is happening, despite the fact many of us live so close to it and within the AONB. Have you considered any other locations which do not have such an iconic outline?
Kelston is a beautiful place and view point. Don’t ruin it!
Great idea and may as well put all of that wind generated on the hill to productive use.
Interesting that this is in an AONB. We are too and would welcome being able to install something to harness energy. But we are south Glos
The array reflects sunlight, if you walk along the river you can see it has a ‘flashing light’ effect which is very disruptive on the hillside. Can it not be made from non-reflective material?
I saw the trial whilst travelling along the A4. It was very visible because the veins were catching and reflecting the sun. If they had a matt finish then I doubt i would have noticed the trial.
My attention was first brought to this wind array while sitting in my living room, I was disturbed by a constant flickering and flashing in my peripheral vision , on looking directly at Kelston Hill I could see it was a series of rotating highly reflective vanes that was reflecting the sun light from the west into my living room, this was most disturbing. As soon as the sun transits from east to west this wind array is adversely affecting the view of Kelson and its designated status of AONB, the human eye has evolved to detect and be sensitive to moving objects, even if this wind array was a non reflective material it would be a distraction and currently it is visually over powering and constantly draws the eye to it, it is highly inappropriate in the location it is in. I therefore complained to the Parish council regarding this structure in the Green belt . The strobe effect of the multiple vanes reflecting natural light for miles around is likely to cause problems to people who are affected by flashing lights and strobes I.E cause epileptic fit. this experiment should be removed without delay.
There are a lot of wildflowers in the area and it would be important not to destroy their habitat
I’ve noticed something shimmering from across the valley but couldn’t work out what it was – its only in low light situations when presumably the low sun catches the turbines.
Ugly eyesore much less attractive than traditional wind turbine
Please can we trial one in our garden?
Well done for acting
We MUST find alternatives to fossil fuels.
reflection of sunset as seen from Chocolate Quarter is brilliant!
The shiny metal framework stands out too much. Painted green it would blend in better with the surroundings.
We are in a climate emergency and we need to dramatically and immediately reduce our use of fossil fuels. We should be investing in research into renewable energy and we should allow and promote renewable energy in our bid towards a zero carbon future.
Landscape and our usage of it has always evolved. The Tump did not always look like it does today! Now , our imprint on the landscape, to preserve it , must change again.

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