More new trees; call for volunteers

Dan Spencer writes:

There’s a small new hazel plantation in Barrow’s Stile, with a rather larger new mixed hedge to go in shortly. Together that brings the number of new trees planted on Kelston Roundhill in recent years to around 6000.

Planted this week by our new resident activity provider Moving Mountains, the new copse of 25 hazel trees will fill a gap in the earlier tree plantation, linking the 2012 tree planting to the much older Abbots Copse.

The trees, currently only 40cm tall, will help Moving Mountains with future bushcraft courses. As the trees grow they will be coppiced, providing wooden poles for activities including shelter building and whittling, and hazel nuts for both human and wildlife consumption.

The next stage is for 400 mixed trees, kindly provided by Avon Wildlife Trust, to be planted shortly to form a new hedge along the lower edge of Barrows Stile.

If you’re interested in taking part in our tree planting programme we will be holding a tree planting day in the near future. We’re open to volunteers. Very informal (though properly supervised, insured etc). Basic refreshments provided.

The new hazel copse will support bush craft activities and provide hazel nuts. Next: a new hedge of 400 whips.

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