Planting trees in Barrow’s Style

Barrow’s Style is a former quarry and landfill field on Roundhill Farm, with what seems to be generally inoffensive builders’ rubble under about a foot of soil.

Last week Gary (l) and Alan (r) planted close on 5000 trees along the slopes. It was a hot week to do it, but the ground was quite moist.

The species mix is about a third each ash and beech – the trees that seem happiest and self-seed on the site already. Then there’s a mix of shrubs and thorns, with a few oaks and lindens or limes.

So how will they do? It’s poor and thin soil, we’ve got a drought and it’s about as late in the season as you can plant. But they’re root trainers, and those tubes catch dew and keep some moisture in. Alan reckons typical losses are around 5% and anything up to 10% is acceptable; he seems optimistic enough. Just need to protect them against deer. And cows.

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