Paths closed Tue 20th and Weds 21st Dec for essential tree works

Attention walkers: the permissive paths from the Cotswold Way to Kelston clump will be closed all day Tue 20 Dec and Weds 21st Dec (until 1430).

This is for essential tree works inside the clump, undertaken for reasons of public safety and also for the longer term health of the trees more likely to survive and thrive.

Maintenance work on the ash at Roundhill Barn. We’re cutting it right back so it doesn’t overhang the courtyard.

Ash dieback is affecting trees across the country; for more information on ash dieback see eg here. The hope is that some ash will simply survive, but that picture is not yet clear.

It’s a crying shame to have to cut back ash when there are relatively few trees on Kelton Roundhill and ash is one of the main species that succeed here. But we have to take into account how badly the ash appears to be affected, and how often people are likely to walk near the ash tree in question. We take into account Forestry Commission guidance on management (see here).

The only parts where we expect the public are on the permissive paths round the clump and in the Roundhill Barn courtyard, and therefore for the second year running we’re cutting back ash which seems even slightly affected in those two areas.

Since Wed 21st is Solstice we’ll try to reopen the paths by 1430 in case anyone wants to see the sun set on the shortest day.

Next week 20 and 21 Dec the paths around Kelston Clump will be closed.

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