New signs for Roundhill Farm

Roundhill Farm needs new signs to show the permissive paths and to combine a message of “welcome” to walkers who want to divert from the Cotswold Way to enjoy the view and “please desist” to those whose behaviour causes problems for others.

The issues are the odd uncontrolled dog, camping or fire (eg inside living trees), and just litter. Anyone would forgive Radiohead for doing a dawn-raid video on site (cheers for that, and hurrah for your enlightened approach to releasing online music). Who knows what to make of the bikers who turned up with a 30′ radio transmitting mast last week; no idea what they were broadcasting but they moved on cheerfully enough when asked.

Natural England’s  countryside code pretty much covers the do’s and don’ts, but not everyone is aware of the code or abides by it.

There’s also the oddity on this farm of a proper scheduled right of way which goes a third of the way into one field (Barrow’s Style) and then just stops as a dead end. This used to make sense when the field was a landfill site, but may puzzle some walkers today.

Anyway, I hope they’re clear, and have something close to the desired effect. Thanks to Alice and Kim for the design work.

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6 Responses to New signs for Roundhill Farm

  1. Christina says:

    Coo! Radiohead! That’s a distinction. Maybe it could become a trend. The Dawn Album….What an inspiring place and time of day to make music.

    I’m still interested in the history of the site. I can’t help thinking it must have been some kind of temple or camp long ago, being so distinctive and with that view – and in an area close to the major sacred sites of Bath, Newton St Loe with its Orphic temple, and of course the whole Stonehenge/Avebury complex… You could have poetry readings up there.

  2. chrisconder says:

    cool signs!

  3. Alex Hawkins says:

    Hi in regards to this post I have sent you an email, please reply!

    Regards, Alex

  4. Hi Alex thanks for this comment which – belatedly – prompted me to check the email forwarding I’d tried to set up: doh! Sorry about that double #fail. if the email you refer to is from Isaac Ive just replied; if not plz resend.

  5. Dear Christina…we’re learning, all too slowly, and gradually discovering more about this sacred place from previous owners, tenants and local ecologists and experts. It deserves to be a fulltime labour of love; soon maybe.

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