Photography competition: deadline 9 Aug 2014

Kelston Roundhill is celebrated in songs poems and pictures. It also has a special resonance in photography. We’ve received some terrific photos of the Klump this year so we’ve decided to declare a photography competition.

First prize kindly donated by the thriving local business at Park Farm, Kelston is an award-winning Bath Soft Cheese. Inevitably there may have to be a consolation prize involving hard cheese. There may be other prizes also; we haven’t worked that out yet. It depends what entries we get.

We’d be delighted to receive any entries from all ages. Email is simplest: kelstonroundhill at gmail dot com. Just mail in any entries, and let us know anything you want to about the photo and if you’re happy for us to post them on the blog.

SMALL PRINT: see belowThis is not a sales promotion, no purchase necessary, judges yet to be decided, judges’ decision is final, no cash alternative, all photos remain (c) the copyright holder.  To be honest we haven’t thought this through in great detail (certainly haven’t reread whatever the long and tedious British Code of Sales Promotion Practice is called nowadays). Tom Waits’ song Step Right Up is a better expression of meaningless terms & conditions than anything we’d come up with.
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5 Responses to Photography competition: deadline 9 Aug 2014

  1. Matt Prosser says:

    The Photo comp is a great idea, I love the small print. I’ll donate a flagon of my home made Cider ‘EdShed No2’ to go with the cheese.

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