Taking good photos: how hard can it be? Tue 15 April part 1

So…what happened on the night of Tue 15 April, the date forecast by Matt Prosser as propitious for seeing the Klump silhouetted against a full moon? 

Here’s George’s and my story. My mate George Blake and I headed out to the designated location. At the forecast time: zero moon, no sign of Matt, but some mozzies. We took a photo on my phone. After a bit we headed home.

2014-04-15 20.36.08Photo: Kelston Roundhill on night of 15 April with zero moon

Five minutes into the journey we saw the most enormous orange full moon rising over the A4. So we u-turned and went back to designated spot. But the moon was a clear 5-10º to the right of the clump! We needed to go several hundred yards to the north. But there was a river in the way.

So we walked along the river past the boat community, hit a hedge and gave up. We did try a photo to show the misalignment, but my phone doesn’t have fancy filters and can’t do much in low light levels.

2014-04-15 21.06.19Full moon rising to the right of an invisible Kelston Roundhill

I think it’s a bit early in the photo competition process to say we have a clear winner.

Next installment: Matt’s story.

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