Bonnie: Kelston at the end of a rainbow

Now we’ve got round to announcing the photography competition perhaps it’s a good time to share this:

CIMG4892a-3Kelston hill at the end of a rainbow by BonnieMari

Stunning: a bit science fiction, a bit folk-magic, perfectly placed. Unrepeatable. It came with an email from Bonnie

I was on my way back down from walking to the top of the hill and happened to look back at the right moment to see Kelston Hill at the end of a rainbow.

She’s Fine Art Masters student at the splendid Bath Spa Uni; you can see her Masters’ degree and other work here. Really starting to see the Klump in a new light here…

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3 Responses to Bonnie: Kelston at the end of a rainbow

  1. paulclarke says:

    definitely a top 3 for me. what great timing! is power being beamed down to the hill, or drawn up, I wonder? 🙂

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